Originally from Amazonia and used since pre-Columbian times to treat various ailments, guarana has been known in Europe since the 18th century.

Also called Paullinia cupana, it is particularly appreciated as a drink to increase attention, improve alertness, combat fatigue and stress as well as boost energy.

As part of a diet, it can also promote satiety .

Its seeds contain a high concentration of caffeine (2.5% to 7%, or 2 to 3.5 times more than coffee beans! ).

Guarana contains tannins , which are natural compounds that allow it to be valued for its use in various energy drinks and products.

Its seeds are also said to improve alertness and cognitive functions , thanks to other alkaloid substances and possibly polyphenolic compounds . Taking guarana can be a real asset for students during exams , for example.

Guarana seeds are also appreciated by athletes for their implications in improving physical performance and toning the body.

We use guarana in B-Vitality to contribute to vitality and give energy.