A laboratory designed and created by a doctor of pharmacy

MYCELAB was created in 2018, in Paris, by Alexandra Courio

Alexandra, doctor of pharmacy , graduate of ESSEC and expert in the field of food supplements , developed a passion for mycology during her pharmacy studies.

Frustrated at not finding any natural and lasting solution for small everyday ailments, she turned to a specialty still little known in the West: MYCOTHERAPY.

His taste for innovation allows him to seek the best from each ingredient, and to provide a health and well-being response that is adapted to everyone's needs.

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Improve quality of life

“Since the creation of the MYCELAB brand, I have wanted to make my contribution to the quest for well-being and “aging better” through nutrition.

Extending lifespan and improving quality is today a challenge that is no longer a utopia.

Concerned about the quality and effectiveness of food supplements, I have developed a range of 100% natural products, which combines mycotherapy with herbal medicine. »

provide access to the benefits of mushrooms

“Introducing functional mushrooms into your wellness routine can really CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

Mushrooms are foods naturally rich in macro and micro nutrients and also in bioactive molecules which will have a direct impact on our health and well-being.

Generally speaking, all functional mushrooms have a positive impact on our immune health, thanks to their beta-glucan content, they also have an adaptogenic character which allows those who consume them to regain inner balance (homeostasis). ).”

Mushrooms with super powers

"I have been studying medicinal mushrooms for more than 10 years and I have introduced them into my well-being routine for many years, I have noticed many changes in my state of health and well-being (better management of stress, fewer digestive problems, better immunity, more seasonal allergies, etc.).

My goal is to provide a new well-being solution to all people who want to take control of their health effectively and sustainably. Mushrooms have been wrongly put aside for too long. It is high time to become aware of their benefits, whether for our health or that of our planet."