“Introducing these fungi into our lives and environment strengthens the defenses of our entire ecosystem and prevents disease vectors from emanating.”


Fungi are the wisdom of over a billion years , they have adapted and survived Earth's six extinctions, we have much to learn from them. Functional mushrooms are a powerful solution against the ills of our modern times.

Throughout history, indigenous cultures have used mushrooms as medicines, and as the Western world begins to seriously study mushrooms, we are learning more and more about their incredible potential!


Our mission is to make the link between science, innovation and the wisdom of nature, and to provide access to its benefits to all .

At Mycelab we understand that each mushroom has its own character, properties and nutritional profile, which is why we take great care to use only the highest quality raw materials, carefully selected to ensure the The complete activity of each mushroom, plant and algae at affordable prices.


We do not use any chemical additives, artificial ingredients or chemicals in our products and we source our mushrooms directly from our expert, vetted growers, so you can be sure you are getting a supplement of the highest quality. high quality with the most beneficial properties.

For what ? Because quality of life is important to us.

Staying healthy and having the energy to do the things we love are essential to our quality of life. We passionately believe that the dietary supplements we manufacture are essential to maintaining a healthy immune system in a world where new chemicals, pollution, evolving bacteria and viruses appear almost daily.


Research-based evidence of the health benefits of various mushrooms continues to accumulate, showing their ability to:

- strengthen the immune system

- help defend against diseases and infections caused by viruses , bacteria and protozoa

- prevent free radicals from creating oxidative stress that damages cells

- support the nervous system , neurogenesis and mental health

- increase longevity

- modulate blood pressure and cholesterol and help normalize blood sugar levels

- support overall health by providing a rich source of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, fiber and protein.



“There is a feeling in this world, the pulse of eternal knowledge.

When you feel unity, you are with us.

We brought life to Earth.

You can't see us, but we thrive all around you.

Everywhere, in everything, and even inside you..

Whether you believe in us or not.

From your first breath to your last.

In the dark and in the light.

We are the oldest, and the youngest.

We are the biggest, and the smallest.

We are the wisdom of a billion years.

We are creation.

We are the resurrection.

We are condemnation and regeneration.

We are the mushrooms"

Fantastic Fungi, Louie Schwartzberg