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B-XCare: joint comfort

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B-Brain: memory & concentration

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B-Cell: Cellular protector

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Organic Mushrooms, Plants and Algae

We use FULLSPECTRUM powders of organic functional mushrooms, standardized extracts of adaptogenic plants and algae so that our cures are quickly effective and have long-lasting action.


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Natural: we use FULLSPECTRUM organic mushroom powders, standardized plant and algae extracts.

Effectiveness: we work with ultra-concentrated ingredients in order to keep only the most effective active ingredients on your body.

Transparency: we rigorously control the traceability of our raw materials. The origin of our ingredients (their technical data sheets) is also available on request.


Suitable for all diets

Our products are suitable for everyone: vegan diets, lactose-free, gluten-free, GMO-free and of course not tested on animals.

Food Supplements Formulated in a French Laboratory Based on Organic Mushrooms and Plants


"Thanks to serious scientific research, the formulas of the Mycelab food supplements developed by Alexandra really work and last a long time..(...) these organisms which contain more than 150 nutrients in their structure and have an excellent affinity (...) medicinal mushrooms repair, immunize, protect and contribute to homeostasis, the internal balance of our body."

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Mycelab Food Supplements, Our Best Allies To Face Winter!


“If you are looking for a global solution to combat winter ills, Mycelab is made for you. Ethical, accessible, these 2.0 supplements think “prevention” before “medications”!”

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Marie Claire

"Doctor of pharmacy, Alexandra Courio has always had problems with asthma and allergies since childhood. While chemical tablets relieve the symptoms without remedying the cause of her ailments, she will realize with her courses of toxicology and pharmacology that most medicines derive from the benefits of mushrooms and plants."

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Champs Champs


“This French start-up focuses on mycotherapy, the use of medicinal mushrooms to boost our well-being.”

Food Supplements to Boost Your Immune System


“Cited in food supplements to add to your daily diet to boost and strengthen your internal defenses.”

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Keep Germs Away



“The goal: to boost your immunity.

How ? With mycotherapy, natural medicine based on the use of medicinal mushrooms. In these capsules, 9 extracts of mushrooms, berries and plants which strengthen the immune system and protect the body.

For who ? The one who keeps getting “sick” and needs a little natural help.”

Despite their rather moldy than hyped image, mushrooms are making a place for themselves in our daily lives


"Reishi for longevity, cordyceps for athletes, shitake to stimulate your metabolism and maitake to strengthen your immune system..., listening to Alexandra, we quickly realize that mushrooms have many things to offer us ."

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Amazing Mushroom, It Boosts Immunity


Chinese or Ayurvedic medicine has been interested in the virtues of adaptogenic mushrooms for centuries. Westerners got into it. Food supplements based on “fungi” promise to boost energy, memory or concentration.

They can be found online, in organic stores or “holistic” concept stores. Let us cite those of Alexandra Courio, founder of Mycelab and French pioneer of mycotherapy, wrapped in suave pastel, sometimes ironically named "Winter at the Top" or "Promo Major"...

But the heart of the business, currently, is obviously the immune system, Mycelab is fully on the file, as is Hygée, another young French start-up, which has made it its flagship product.

In the United States, the market has exploded since the epidemic."

Mycelab Offers Mushroom Therapy

Culture Nutrition

"Hats off! Mycelab is a laboratory specializing in the design of completely natural food supplements. The products are based on organic mushrooms and medicinal plants. The B-care range tends to offer a precise response to everyone."

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Maskné: How to Solve the Problem of Pimples Under the Mask?


Mycelab’s B-Cell cure

"This capsule treatment integrates 10 active ingredients of natural origin to limit inflammation and regenerate the epidermis as best as possible by stimulating the production of elastin, collagen and hyaluronic acid. In addition to cream treatments, it is the "The ideal habit to get into to combat breakouts."

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The Mushrooms


"Mycotherapy, or the art of healing with mushrooms, is on the rise. We get started with Mycelab, a specialist in the field, with Reishi for IQ and energy, Shiitake for endurance, etc. ."

Mycelab: Quality Above All

The Arrogant

"Mycelab offers nutritional supplements in the form of cures in capsules. These are ultra-concentrated extracts of organic mushrooms, adaptogenic plants and algae. It is very effective, I tested the “B-Immunity” cure based on vitamin C, Ginseng and Echinacea The body is strengthened, it is easy to take every day alongside a balanced diet. The entire B-Care range seems adapted to our conditions in the city. , “B-brain”, “B-cell”, “B-vitality”, “B-xcare” I am fully convinced by this brand, very qualitative.”

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Beauty test

Vitality and immunity with Mycelab

"The Mycelab laboratory offers food supplements based on adaptogenic mushrooms (but not only) based on the principle of mycotherapy, a natural medicine based on the use of medicinal mushrooms. Why mushrooms in particular? Because they are nutraceuticals: they are nourishing and have therapeutic properties. ß-Vitality supplements restore energy while boosting metabolism. They contain eight active ingredients of natural origin including two mushrooms: reishi, also called longevity mushroom, and cordyceps. As for the ß-Immunity cure, it stimulates the immune system and strengthens the body's resistance thanks in particular to the reishi, shiitake and maïtake contained in its formula. The plus: the adaptogenic mushrooms of course They have the capacity. to stimulate the metabolism in the event of a deficiency and modulate it if it is subjected to stress factors."

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