Korean Ginseng

Ginseng has been recognized by traditional Chinese medicine as one of the most effective plants in herbal medicine for over 4000 years.

For several centuries, this divine root was reserved only for the Emperors of China and a minority of civil, military or religious nobles. It is these origins that give ginseng the name “ root of heaven ” and “ root of long life ”.

White (“Asian ginseng”) and red (“Korean ginseng” or “Korean red”) ginseng are one and the same plant: Panax Ginseng . Their difference in color and name comes from the treatment that the root undergoes:
  • White ginseng is directly dried in the sun after harvest, while red ginseng is first cooked for several hours with steam before being dried. This is what gives it its reddish color.
  • Korean red ginseng has the highest ginsenoside content of all ginsengs! Ginsenosides are saponins which constitute the majority of the active substances in ginseng. The higher their content, the more beneficial effects sought from the root are expected. It therefore fully deserves its title of “ best ginseng in the world ”.

While white ginseng is intended more for people seeking a soothing effect, red ginseng is known for its energizing effect .

Korean red ginseng has been traditionally valued for millennia for its multiple uses in traditional medicine, earning it the reputation of a divine plant .

We use Korean Red Ginseng in B-Vitality to promote vitality and help you feel more energetic.