Native to India and Southeast Asia, bacopa , also known as water hyssop or “ brahmi ” (name from Hindu referring to the creator god of Hinduism) is an important plant in Ayurvedic medicine. It has been part of the pharmacopoeia of Ayurveda (traditional Indian medicine) for almost 3,000 years.

It is traditionally used to improve memory and cognitive functions but its properties go beyond the domain of cognitive functions.

The plant is mainly recommended for memory and cognitive functions , improving blood circulation, reducing stress, promoting relaxation and for its anti-oxidant power.

Numerous studies demonstrate the effectiveness of bacopa in improving memory and cognitive abilities . This action is largely due to bacosides A and B , the main active substances in bacopa.

Bacopa also has a antioxidant activity.

At the same time, it exerts a calming action which promotes appeasement and relaxation .

The anti-stress action of the plant also contributes to the control of emotions and mental well-being .

We use bacopa in B-Brain to help improve memory and maintain good cognitive functions.