A mythical plant in Ayurvedic medicine, nicknamed " Indian ginseng ", ashwagandha has been used for millennia in India to promote sleep, give energy, fight stress and for its action on the reproductive system.

Its name comes from Sanskrit and means “smell of the horse” , in reference to the strong smell of its roots, but also to the strength of horses.

Ashwagandha is a plant native to India, but it also grows in the arid areas of Pakistan and Sri Lanka. It is part of the traditional medicine of India, Ayurveda.

Its roots (part of the plant richest in active ingredients) have been used ancestrally (around 3,000 years) for their various virtues for our body.

Studies have demonstrated the powerful anti-stress action of ashwagandha on our body. This plant is composed in particular of withanolides, one of its active ingredients.

It also helps fight stress and significantly affects sleep .

Ashwagandha is a true ally for athletes of all kinds.

In terms of the reproductive system, it is also proven that it boosts fertility in men and it is recommended during pregnancy.

Among the properties of ashwagandha that are effective on our body, we can also note an antioxidant activity.

We use ashwagandha in B-Vitality for its role in supporting overall vitality.