Rencontre avec Javier Gorga, myciculteur autodidacte et passionné

Meeting with Javier Gorga, self-taught and passionate myciculturist

Originally from Uruguay, where he was an officer in the Navy, it was in Normandy, in Louviers, that Javier settled a few years ago and became a producer of exotic mushrooms.

Photo credit: Anais Chauvenet

Gorga Champignons was created on March 1, 2020. Its initial objective was to offer its production to gourmet restaurateurs. Only the first national confinement was decreed two weeks later. This announcement disrupts his plans and he decides to offer his products to health professionals. Fresh, dehydrated mushrooms or even mushroom powders, Javier has more than one string to his bow.

So it was in Louviers that we went to meet him. In a warehouse on his property, Javier produces and cultivates rare mushrooms of exceptional quality. Indeed, everything has been thought of to offer only the best. When Javier produces, he starts “from scratch”, from the production of mycelium to the growth of the carpophores (the fruit of the mushroom), he completely controls the production chain. In addition, he uses an ecological approach in his production process: recovery of rainwater, heating of growing rooms and preparation of growing supports thanks to the recovery of waste and noble wood sawdust from his magnificent carpentry workshop (because in addition to being an outstanding myciculturist he makes furniture magnificent). All the mushrooms that Javier grows are carefully selected and organically processed to obtain only the best benefits.

During our meeting, Javier gives us a guided tour of his facility and describes each of the stages of production. It all starts with seeding a petri dish to produce the right mycelium which is then transferred to a jar filled with a mixture of seeds. Then, it will colonize the sterilized growing media, composed of rainwater, noble wood sawdust and organic cereal bran. Each step is important and the risk of contamination by a pathogenic fungus is immense. Javier constantly fights against contaminants. The bags are then placed in a first chamber so that the mycelium invades the entire support. When this stage is complete, they are then ready for the final stage, the growth of the carpophore.

Part of its production is reserved for some great renowned chefs, for greengrocers but also for health professionals, because in addition to being excellent edibles, apart from Reishi, these mushrooms have immense power over human health. , as we have continued to claim at Mycelab since 2018.

A big thank you to Javier for welcoming us and taking the time to introduce us to his passions and his work. We're always happy to meet passionate #mushroompower advocates!

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