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Beautiful skin operation: the secrets of a Glowy complexion!

What are the best foods for naturally beautiful skin? How to get rid of Maskné?

Simple beauty gestures to adopt

Glowy complexion

Before anything else, whether to clean or moisturize your skin, the best thing to do is to wash your hands well, which will eliminate all germs and bacteria. This gesture will also prevent the appearance of pimples and imperfections.

Moisturize your skin

The first step to adopt for hydrated skin is to drink plenty of water; this intake helps the skin not to become dehydrated.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends drinking between 2 and 3 liters of water per day. Of this quantity, 20-30% comes from solid foods (homemade ice cream, soup, tea or infusion).

Drinking helps bring water to the dermis, the deep layer of the skin.

Apply your moisturizer 15 to 30 minutes before putting on your mask. Favor light hydration in the morning and a richer cream in the evening. Prefer a light cream in the morning and a richer cream in the evening. Applying a serum before your treatments will increase the effect of the treatment and avoid streaks of dehydration which transform over time into deeper wrinkles.

Cleanse your skin

Cleanse your skin in two steps with a foaming cleanser followed by a detoxifying and purifying lotion to refine. It is also recommended to choose your treatments according to your skin type (dry, combination or oily).

Always choose gentle cleansers and avoid using disposable cotton pads which irritate the epidermis.

Gentle scrub

A scrub can be carried out 1 to 2 times a week, it helps eliminate dead skin, brighten and enhance the radiance of the complexion, reoxygenate the tissues and tone the skin.

You must choose your scrub according to whether your skin tends to be dry, sensitive and fragile, combination with a tendency to oily or mature.

After cleansing and drying your skin, cleanse and dry, then apply your scrub while massaging your face. Then rinse your face well to remove all the product.

The little extra for a truly effective scrub: apply it after taking a shower or after spending a few minutes with your head above a bowl of hot water to open the pores of the skin.


The first objective of your facial mask is to hydrate your skin, in addition to this it is the treatment that offers the most to your skin in the least amount of time. Depending on the mask chosen, it will purify your skin and make it luminous, without damaging it. Performed 1 to 2 times a week, it completes the entire beauty routine.

For proper use: apply in a thick layer then leave on and rinse well.

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Foods to eat for beautiful skin

To boost facial radiance, here are some foods:

The fruits

Fruits are good protectors for your skin. These contain beta-carotenes, which are antioxidants that fight free radicals that cause skin aging.

The fruits that are preferred are apricots, oranges, lemons, mangoes, papayas, kiwis.

Papaya is also particularly well dosed in beta-carotene, promoting cell renewal, and helps the skin protect itself from UV rays.

Apples, grapes, persimmons contain polyphenols, which are antioxidants that protect us from diseases such as cardiovascular conditions, osteoporosis, etc.

Red fruits are also packed with important antioxidants.

The vegetables

Vegetables like fruits contain beta-carotenes. Carrots, squash, eggplants and all green leafy vegetables such as green cabbage, spinach, etc.

Artichoke has strong antioxidant power, which makes the skin healthier and brighter.

Broccoli repairs damaged tissues thanks to its vitamins B, C, E, K and A.

Garlic fights effectively against skin infections and acne.

Avocado provides you with vitamins which increases the luminosity and vitality of your skin.

Dark chocolate (in moderation of course)

A little pleasure food, dark chocolate, in addition to being recognized for its antidepressant properties, has antioxidants and polyphenols which chase away free radicals and minimize the appearance of small wrinkles.


Seafood and fish are rich in omega-3 which counteract skin aging and help protect against UV rays from the sun. Oily fish should be favored as a priority, such as mackerel, herring and sardines.

Salmon, rich in essential fatty acids, protects against the harmful effects of the sun, resulting in greater flexibility and perfect resistance. In addition, the omega 3 and 6 it contains nourishes and softens the epidermis.

Oysters, rich in minerals, trace elements, zinc and selenium, have an anti-wrinkle and anti-aging effect on the skin.

Our B-Cell treatment incorporates 10 active ingredients of natural origin to limit inflammation and best regenerate the epidermis by stimulating the production of elastin, collagen and hyaluronic acid. As a complement to cream treatments, it is the ideal habit to get into to fight against breakouts and to enhance your skin.

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